Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beckett {9 months}

Oh dear. Where did 9 months go?!! Literally, it feels like yesterday that I was posting pictures of my belly 
as you were growing on the inside. Like HERE. And even posing pictures of you from the actual inside wombal area. Like HERE

Imagining what you would be like. Preparing for what you would be. 
After 9 months of getting to know you, what I can say is that you are so much better than I imagined. And it's not so much that I imagined that I wouldn't like you or anything. I just am (your big brothers must have taught you how to have that effect on me). But, really, you are just a card. You are a buggy wuggy, sweetie peety. I don't know how many ooey gooey words I could use to describe you. 


Here you are in your monthly month photo. 

Look at those toofers sticking out!!! 

Here are your toes at 9 months. Because I know when you are 22, you are gonna you show me a picture of my toes at 9 months old. I just know that's gonna happen. And I'm gonna be prepared when you do. Mark one down for the momma B! {yes I just gave myself a future point. mom's need points and point charts too sometimes}.

Are you seriously kidding me Beckett? If you ask me for a really expensive sports car when you are 17 and I would normally say NO. If you show me this picture....I will have no choice but to buy you that sports car. All my senses will leave me. It's just too sweet. Who could say no to this face?!!! I am puddy in your hands. Puddy I say. Puddy.  

Here you are standing. Because you do that now. Yesterday you even stood for 2 seconds unassisted by anything. Your dad was a witness to that one. Lucky duck. 

And here you are eating some corn that you found in the chair. I think Chase had dropped it earlier. 
You have turned into a little human vacuum actually. You crawl around the floor finding many a crumb and proceeding to eat them. I take them out of your mouth when I can. But we all know the real truth. You eat more than I know about. Sorry dude. 
Here you are so excited to be posing with your big brothers. Excited I tell you. Excited. 
And finally. This picture almost puts me in a coma. 
It's a coma of love. 
Sweet, sweet, love. 
For my sweet, sweet, toofer boy. 

Ok, now I need to collect myself and type Beckett's recent updates. 

He is eating lots and lots of foods. Corn,peas,pizza,mac n cheese (slap me, i know),
lots of stick puffs, cheerios,crackers,bananas, applesauce, pieces of bread, and lots more that i'm sure i'm forgetting. Really, he just likes to eat what we eat. Just really, really small or he gags. 

He is waving. 
Saying mom,mommmm,mommma. Quite a bit. 
The "soooo big" thing. 
Oh and he really loves to run away from us. Except he's crawl running because he doesn't run yet. But feeling and giggling represents him being really excitedly running away. Do you people feel me on that. Maybe I will have to do a video of it later. The run/crawl video. 

Well, I'm sure there will be many other things I missed. Which reminds me, one thing I for sure missed was his 9 month check-up. I need to schedule that puppy. But part of me is like, really? Does he need a check-up? He eats a lot. He is growing. He's smart. I don't know if there is much of a point. But I probably will take him in. You know. Because "they" say we should. 

Last but not least we have a fun little 9 month video. It's so so so so cute. It's also a little risky to post. I might get in trouble. But I'm a risk taker. So here she blows. {ahem, Derrick, I so so soooo love you}

So, I guess we'll find out if Derrick throws my computer out our bedroom window for my repeated posting of potentially embarrassing things that involve him. But really, honestly. I think it was super cute and endearing. My husband singing and playing with his children. All while in the kitchen cooking supper, mind you.  The only other potential problem I do forsee with this is that just this weekend, Derrick took it upon himself to take a short little video clip of me and the boys doing Jillians ripped in 30 workout. He tells me that the video will be used for his very first blog post. This scares me for many reasons. One being my totally unhip workout outfit. Two being the ridiculous squatting moves. And three being the angle at which he shot the video. Which I was initially unaware of.
So, that could be a little problem that catches us with me.
In the meantime, I will just pray that his threats just that.

But I digress.

Beckett. We totally totally love you.
A year or two ago, before you were here.
That just doesn't make sense.
But, you my sweet boy.
You make perfect sweet sense.

hugs and kisses,

your momma B.
(or sometimes referred to by your father as "shaniqua") 

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