Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy heart day plus random ramblings and photographs

Happy Valentines Day! 

I hope you have someone to kiss. Or maybe lick. 

Apparently, this guy is a sloppy kisser. 

(trust me, it's true)

Superbowl a few weeks ago. we got together with our church small group and part of another small group. here are some the babies. just hangin and shootin the breeze. literally i'm sure. 

and then there are all the big brothers. man, you put all these little boys together in a large, wide-open room and you can prepare for mass casualties. a short while after these photos were taken some of the boys had ripped their shirts off and were just going bonkers. 
this is just one of the many redonkulous scenes i happen upon on an hourly basis. sometimes i don't even ask. i don't even ponder. i just walk away. because really, what good would it do to ask a two year old why he insisting on laying on the floor, without pants (that's totally normal by the way), in the fetal position, while eating a popsicle, next to a really small for real pot, which is right next to an even smaller piece of corn. people, when you have walked in these slippers,  you learn, just keep on walking, right on by and into the next room. 

later, my heart skipped at beat at walmart when i walked past a little box of these babies. 
in fact, my heart skipped so hard that it sent a misfiring to my brain which would normally tell me, "no, shannon there is no room for that in your cart". and somehow during the skipped beat which lead to the misfortunate misfiring, the dang box ended up in my cart, across the conveyor belt, beyond the scanner and into my sweet-loving mouth. 

and after i got over the shock of this next picture my husband took while he was getting ready for work this morning........(uhhh, my mouth hanging open, shirt partially up) it did sorta like make my heart skip a beat again. just in a different way than the cadberry egg did. this was a total mommy and baby snuggling zonkage heart beat skippage. plus the fact that my hubby took it. that's kindof cute too. 

this is how Maverick lives his life. 

{do not note the crusted on food on the side of high chair. just don't even realize it's there. just know that i wipe up every spot of food immediately. don't even BEGIN to think that this crusted on food may have even been there from when Chase was a baby. just don't go there in your minds. i told you i wipe this stuff up immediately. why? because that's what june cleaver would do} 

and if he's not there waiting for every morsel of baby-dropping goodness
well then.........the next obvious place is sprawled out with someone climbing on top of him. 

shaggy mcshag shag.

the other weekend, i went late-night shopping to our favorite close-by grocery store with the yummy donuts. it was one of those HOAR frost things going on so I snagged a photo and used the light from the lightpole for some dramatic light.  because i am cool like that. grocery shopping photography. i think it could be a new trend. 

i also decided that these shadows on my deck might create a neat picture. and i'd say it did. neat i tell you. neat. clearly i have a unique talent for capturing wood boards criss-crossed by shadows of wood spindles. seriously. someone hire me! 

more shadows. plus a baby.

more photography. at church.

this guy is such a card. he just HAD to wear his rain boots to church the other day. we were gonna make him switch into his little sneakers but then we decided....pick your battles, people, pick your battles. 

last weekend i made these crazy pinterest inspired cookies. 

and i use the term "made" very loosely here. as in, i conned derrick into grabbing one of those pre-done rolls of dough at Target. added a little food coloring. and a hug on top. cute is about as far as i can go to describe their taste. 

so, have a very happy day. i'm going to get back to the task at hand. trying to be a 

DU, Du DU DUnnnn, SuperMOM!!! 

yeah right. 

Happy heart Day. Spread some love and cheer. 


Lindsay Y. said...

You are heelarious and remind me that I need to do a MUCH better job and writing down the everyday ho-hum....because it's really NOT ho-hum - it's down right comical walking past boys in fetal positions and chuckling to ourselves and not even thinking it's strange in the least! And that pic of you guys out like a light...preciousness. Even if your shirt is half up. ;-)

Shannon Joy said...

hee Lindsay! yes, we do need to capture the ho-hum! it's so where the joy is right!