Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project 52 { My Three}

My Three | Week 39
We had a family sick day on the day of this picture. Mommy got a bad case of.....{all males should hit the back button now, i repeat....ex out your safari browser, hit escape, dive out of your chair, leave the room, do whatever you must do to avoid reading} no really, i'm serious, SCRAM! if you know what's good for you! ..........mastitis/plugged ducts {see, don't say i didn't warn you!} and yes, for the record, i just said plugged ducts! and boy were those babies plugged and boy was I laid out all day from it.

 On the bright side, the boys got to hang with their daddy all day. Aside from tending to the boys for me, the hubs got a special "order" from my Doctor which he was quite happy about. It's related to the plugged ducts. Need I say more? (If I do, don't worry, another post is sure to come to detail this).

Back to the boys. The temps rocketed up to the mid 40s during the late afternoon which made way to prime snowman making conditions. And of course, all of this led us to a wonderful photo op. 

My Three | Week 40

Here they are all ready for church one morning. I dressed them in their shirts but it was Chase's idea to add the ties. I thought it was quite an adorable idea. 
Chase wasn't so sure about this. :)

Ahh boys. Each week just gets better and better. 

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Leslie said...

I need to hear more about your plugged duct!! I have experienced this with both kids and it hurt so bad all I could do was cry and try everything!!!