Sunday, February 10, 2013

{DIY} Toddler Science Experiments

On my way to wrapping up the last post for 2012 on the blog,  I happened upon a few fun events in December and decided I better add these in too. So here we go, this blog ain't over yet!

So, those of you that know me on here, know that I claim myself NOT to be a crafter/DIYer or anything even closely related. It's not something I am heavily skilled in. However, you also know that I am never one to not even try. So, that is what you find here. Me, a non-crafty/DIYer....just doing that which is trying. And I happen to think that, even though, my attemps NEVER EVER turn out perfect or anywhere near "Pintrest quality", we always end up having a blast together, we make some great memories and sometimes I really like what I/we make. Today's example brings us to a great little DIY sort-of science project for your toddlers.

So all you need to start first are willing toddlers. I happen to have three of those. Especially if I even make the slightest mention of water or explosions. I think they will always come running for those.

 photo DSC_3630_zpsdfe02120.jpg

Next, you will need a clear jar or vase. The clearer and cleaner, the better. Mine wasn't perfectly clear or free of spots as you can see at the top. But......ignore those little imperfections and just look for what the vase gives way to. In this case, the cutest three year old I've ever seen, with his face totally distorted. These are the things that make a heart smile.

 photo IMG_7093_zpsa5b078b6.jpg

From there, you just add water, oil, food coloring and whatever you sweet little momma or daddy heart has in your cupboards. Mix them, pour them, stir, them.....and if you are like me, photograph them.

 photo DSC_3585_zpsf9084f81.jpg

It was so fun watching them watch and learn and discover.
 photo DSC_3578_zps73880f91.jpg

The reactions of the experiements always, ALWAYS end up pale, in comparison to.....
 photo DSC_3595_zpse2bc8f57.jpg

Their reactions. The real reason you do this.
 photo DSC_3593_zps73cd458b.jpg
Their sweet, content, happy smiles.
 photo DSC_3599_zps94412dab.jpg

We are not sure if Beckett was having a good time?
 photo DSC_3610_zps4dc3efdf.jpg

It was so hard to tell if it was worth it to shed my "keep the kitchen clean" mentality or "what if I don't do this project perfect just like Pintrest" lie.......really hard to tell here if Beckett had fun? Or not!
 photo DSC_3608_zps0cbc139f.jpg

In the end, I think we might be able to guess that this little middle Superhero might even think that He  just mastered this project and grew that superhero bicep one size bigger......

 photo DSC_3620_zps589e59d1.jpg

But really what these projects might really do......

 photo DSC_3615_zps15f5cb57.jpg

Is grow their hearts a size bigger.

 photo DSC_3617_zpsceef79b9.jpg

Maybe for science. Maybe for their own self-esteem. And maybe for each other.

 photo DSC_3619_zps573511e6.jpg

It's amazing how a few seemingly un-related ingredients....oil and coloring and clean kitchen surfaces.....the perfect and the even they can work together, under the right conditions and explode with possibilies.

 photo IMG_7074_zpscfd61eb2.jpg

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