About Me

Hello and welcome to my little space out here in the world where I share my thoughts and stories but mostly my photographs. Mainly, this blog is a photojournalistic view of my sweet little boys, their awesome daddy, and our big, old, cupcake-stealing GoldenDoodle. But, here you will also find some of my thoughts about my faith and my growing love for the one and only God of the universe.

He has blessed me indeed! {1 Chornicles 4:10}

If you look on my Master's Degree, you will find that I am a Social Worker. If you look on my business website, you will find that I am new business owner and photographer. If you look at this blog, you will find that I am a Stay At Home Mom.
If you look at my heart, you will see that my favorite job is being a wife, a mother and a child of God.