Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Cupcakes

Two little cupcakes, soon to be three.
Steal my heart, so effortlessly.

So, for Valentines Day this year, we decided to make some yummy red velvet cupcakes for a few of our Valentine cousins and friends and their pregnant mama.
Leighton took complete charge of the sprinkles and did a fabulous job.

As you can see....

he was proud of his work.

And so was I. [This picture, below, by the way is by no means a representation of how many cupcakes I fed the baby over the next day or so as the rest of the cupcakes sat beautifully in my home] By NO means.

Chase just took the role of "Cupacke-Shover-In-Mouther". Leighton followed quickly after.

Maverick took the role of.....operation "Break Their Hearts with my Pouty Puppy Face Look" so I can get one too.

And Mama took the role of....operation Remember a Few Years Ago When You Stole TWELVE Cupcakes Off My Counter?" and firmly held her ground. [That blog post found HERE]

Sorry, Maverick. Sorry.

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