Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cupcake Caper

Let's set the scene:

I made some of these yummy cupcakes today for a work celebration tomorrow. Things were going wonderfully. I had the 12 cupcakes placed on a plate to cool before I could frost them with Valerie and Jessie's yummy butterfly frosting! And then it was naptime for Leighton. (He now takes naps downstairs in his own room in his crib. We are easing him into sleeping down there at night. Who am I kidding? We are easing ME into it! ) Anyway, so Leighton and I went downstairs. After Leighton settled into his nap, I returned upstairs to do a few things. Picked up the living room, did a few work things and then I remembered...I need to make my frosting. So, I made it. Boy was it yummy. And then, I started looking around in the kitchen and thought to myself, "something isn't right about this scene here in the kitchen" , "what am i going to be putting this frosting on?", "weren't there just 12 large cupcakes sitting in this kitchen before I went downstairs?" And then I see this empty plate which was previously filled with 12, warm cupcakes.

And then, I turn around, walk around the island and see this- One large bloated, guilt-ridden Goldendoodle! I wonder what the guilt was from really though. Was it from the thought that he is a bonafide thief.....or perhaps from the thought that he ate all of his calories for the day in 3 quick qulps???

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