Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Oh dear me. Oh dear my. Organization is not on my hot list of "all the great qualities that God blessed me with". I'm sure there is something on that list. But organization is NOT one of them. Just ask my husband. Go ahead.....ask him. I dare you. You will probably get a snicker followed by "have you tried to open our two junk drawers lately?".

Our junk drawers have a history of being so full that you can't open them. And the sheer amount of random things you will find in those drawers is sometimes mind boggling. In fact, when we do lose something in our home, that is the first place we look. And you might have to wrench that thing to get it open, but trust me, you will usually find your lost item, tossed lovingly placed in there.

However....over the last few months....{now cue the hallelujah choir here}....I have been becoming increasingly organized!!!! Tubs, labels, lists, baskets here, baskets there, little baskets even in my junk name it, I'm doing it. Or, I'm trying to do it. Now let's be clear here. I have not "arrived" in this area. Really, I don't fully expect to "arrive" in the area of organization ever, as it is not in my nature to be super organized or anal or whatever you want to call it. But...I do like where this train is going. So I think I'll just stay on it for a while.

To me, organization has only become possible through the use of lists. Lots of lists! Lots and lots and lots of them. And I found that I totally love love love them. There is just something about writing your plans down on individual little lines with cute little check off boxes next to them. And check them off! Now that's where it gets exciting! Just watch the progress happen right before your very eyes! Now that's how I spell success baby!

Ok, so because I love finding cool new things. And I really loving telling other people about cool new things, I'm going to share a few "mommy becoming organized" resources with you. I found these lovelies at this great site: Mommy Tracked

Now this one, I love. It's just like the one I have already been using, except prettier.And funnier. Isn't that funny?! We do juggle ALOT don't we!?

This one broadens it up a bit and gets you thinking a little ahead of the game. Like maybe this one would help me actually send a birthday card on time! Also, this one would be totally approved by one of my BFF's from high school who taught me the 5 P's of Success. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance! Isn't that soooo true! Now just try saying that 5 times really really fast!

This one I really like. I am pathetic in the "grocery/meal-planning and actually having what we need" department. This might help me. Maybe?

This one I also really like because it is all-encompassing. Menu, schedule for the week and to-dos. Although the to-do list is too small on this one, I would use it for bigger to-dos. My to-dos are very, very small and specific and that's how I get them done. Still though, I really like this.

To download these or any of their other great lists, click HERE and pick your favorite. Or like me, pick your favorites!

Now, I just found this site so I'm totally excited to pick my favorite lists and planners and get started. But, in the meantime, you know what awesome technologically advanced procedure I have been using to make my lists?!!! No, it's not a Blackberry (i wish), it's not an Ipad (i really wish), it's not a computer, a special form or book....

it's just this. me and my little old, 70 sheet, college-ruled notepad.

Add the perfect flex-grip pen, a cup of half caff coffee loaded with creamer, and we have ourselves a plan for the day!


Cassie said...

Omg i really like some of those lists! I have to download me a few!! But i really like your list on the college ruled paper the best. Lol! Youre one busy momma!

Shannon Joy said...

Cass, they are pretty fun lists I must say! Mainly I like that they have pretty colors on them. But I will probably stick to my own boring notebook because well, i am THAT cool. And while most people will be pulling out their fancy Ipads and Itouches and blackberries and Iphones to schedule appointments and set reminders...there you will find me with my good old fashion notebook and all my separate lists and schedules falling out! Haaa. Heck..just add a 1990 Zac Morris phone and call me the coolest chick in the Doctors office or Walmart~

brooke rene' said...

Very nice! Maybe we should call this "nesting."
I'm not one of those people would consider "organized" either. But maybe someday when I have a house and maybe kids...haha.

Shannon Joy said...

Brooke......i'm laughing that you say maybe when you have kids you will more organized!!!! Kids are like the arch nemesis of the concept organization. Haaaa!

Also, yes, I'm wondering if I'm not experiencing some early nesting here because who the heck decides to paint their whole basement this close to the end!

brooke rene' said...

I only said that because I figured life was a lot more hectic with kids and I'm already a space cadet so I figured I would need to attempt a system to organization once there was little ones to ruin everything that was once organized. Anyways Travis is a lil anal so I know this unorganized life won't last long, but its kinda hard when what little you do have in your one bedroom apt is over-flowing and you have several boxes at mom and dads and other furniture and stuff at the other mom and dad' just kinda except the situation and just HOPE that things will get better once you move...May/June/July can't come soon enough!