Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Many Moons Promise-Kept.

I made a promise over here at my Many Moons post.

And here I am. Keeping my promise.


Anonymous said...

thats a very cool slide show shanny! CUTE


Shannon Joy said...

thanks JP!

Darrel and Laurie said...

Shannon thanks for taking and sharing these great memories. They are proof they were forever given by a Mighty Loving Father and forever lived by joyful and very appreciative people thanking Him for each and everyone of these lives specially made and given to be shared, loved, and supported by each other in His design of family. You have captured precious moments etched in time for us to remember how blessed, precious, and great these times and moment were. Thanks

Laurie said...

Priceless!!! That definately was a kleenex moment. I need to learn to take pictures like that because you are the only one missing and you are very special in the family too!

Shannon Joy said...

ahh thanks. i agree. i should be in more pictures too so people know I was there! our kids will say, mom, why weren't you at any of the functions! haaaa.

JDHeick said...


Thanks for making this... It is wonderful. Ramona and I have watched it several times and she just sits quietly looking and watching... I am pretty sure she loves it!

Thanks again!

Jayme, Dustin, and Ramona