Friday, April 30, 2010

Pretty Fly

Today, I am not going to be posting pictures of my adorable children.

They are still cute, trust me. Instead I am excited to share with you an exciting new thing that I'm excited about! Can you tell I'm excited?!

So, it's like this. Our home, which we decided NOT to sell by the way, is a lovely little abode that suits our needs just fine. It is quaint and warm and welcoming. I hope. If you saw my recent post over on my MiraBella Blog, I am even finally getting my pictures organized and hung up properly. And one would hope so since I have several hard drives loaded with pictures of those little pudgy, messy faced monsters.

Ok, I'm getting off track here. I love our little home and really I love it to be clean and tidy.This is where things go madly awry. I can do tidy. Tidy is my middle name. Ok, no, it's not. It's Joy. A middle name which I LUUUV by the way-thanks mom and dad! So, I can keep things tidy in the sense that it might looked picked up-most of the time. But, my closets, drawers and any type of container in my home is jammed, stuffed, packed so full of all the odds and ends that my husband I often can't find things.

Key word: Organization.

On top of that, my cleaning has gotten a little out of hand these days. Now granted, I've had a rough six months in the health department. My awful experience with Reactive Arthritis has not been a fun one. Thankfully, I am slowly on the mend and getting better every week. A post series of posts is coming on that later. Probably a lot later. When I can talk about it. Today let's do this instead.

So, the housework. It's killin me. It's driving me nuts. I'm just too busy for all that non sense. But I can't be too busy for it. Or you will see us on an episode of whatever that crazy show on TLC is about people who are buried in their messy homes. Really, our house isn't that messy or dirty but it's beginning to irritate me that I don't have a system. Like I said, I'm busy. I'm way busier now than when I worked outside of the house. I'm a Stay At Home
Mom/Wife/Cook/Photographer/Business Owner/Dog Wrangler/and Cleaner. Plus many more. It's a lot to accomplish during the day, all while trying to color pictures of daddy, pulling items out of Chase's mouth and pretending that there are dragons in our living room. Phew...I'm just tired typing all of this.

Key word: System

So....I found the answer people! I happend upon this cool website while taking a small break from editing photos. And I am IN LOVE!!! I have found the SECRET!!! Are you ready ladies and gents? Do you want to know the SECRET!!! It all starts with a sparkly sink!

This really strikes a cord with me. Because I LOVE it when my sink is sparkly. no means does this mean that it is sparkly very often. But, none the less, I LUUUV it. When I do get it sparkly, usually the rest of my kitchen is nice and clean and tidy too. And sometimes I just stare at it from the living room with a sigh of relief. It's clean. I'm done. My kids are in bed. My sink is clean. Now, I can watch whatever horrible reality TV show I'm sucked into at the moment RELAX. Ahhhhhhhhh.

So, this website gives you goals. The first thing you do is make your sink sparkly and keep it that way for 30 days. No dishes in it. No rags. Just sparkles. Each time you use it. At night, before bed. It MUST be sparkly. Why? So you can wake up to the delight of this beauty each morning. Do this for 30 days says the site. Probably so you can make it a habit.

Each day there is a new task to accomplish in your home which will help you develop a system of cleanliness organization. Isn't that an awesome concept? Cleanliness Organization. I like that sound of that. I don't think it's correct grammar but I like it.

So yesterday, I sparkled my sink and today it's still sparkly! I'm looking at it right now. Mmmm. I love that.

So, my second task for today was to take a shower and get totally ready for the day. Make-up/Hair/the works. Now why would I do this if I'm gonna be slummin at home all day? And what does this have to do with having a clean/tidy/organized home system?Well, I will get to that in a later post. But, I did it today and I like it. I'm really cool with the idea that a UPS guy might drop off a box and I won't be looking like a scuzzie mc skuzz skuzz.

Now, if you are like me and want to find out more about all this craziness, head on over for more information and to start your total home transformation.

I msyelf, can't wait to see what Day 3 is all about!

See you on the flip-side!


Leslie said...

You have me totally interested!!

Shannon Joy said...

we will have to chat about it at our next playdate! hopefully soon!

Lindsay said...

Oh yes - I actually par-took in the Flyladies site for a while, and then got blasted off track for un-known reasons. But boy do I love me a sparkly sink!! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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