Thursday, April 22, 2010

9 months

These rolls were made for walking......around the furniture...

around his toys....

and even around the toilet.....

So, Chase is not walking yet but at as of 9 months this kid is fast! If he's not doing the butterfly (think swimming)across the floor, he is up on his feet cruising from one piece of furniture to the next. His favorite piece of furniture to stand up with is the tub. Followed by the toilet. Ewwwww.

He also really liked to help me and Leighton unload the dishwasher.
He is an early bird getting up around 6 or so and is ready to go from there. Not like Leighton who likes to crawl into bed and play with my hair for a while. Nope, Chase is going to be my busy boy. I think he will be a pretty good weight management tool. Thank you Chase. Really, thank you. Let's see? What else can I tell you about Chase? He is really funny and has some pretty intense ticklish spots. He loves it when I make dinosaur noises. I didn't really know I could make dinosaur noises but I apparently I can. And Chase finds it really funny. Granted, he may be the only one.

In closing, I need to share a few Leighton comments.

Leighton: Hey mommy?
Me: Yes, Leighton?
Leighton: Well, I was thinking about tomorrow.
Leighton: And I was thinking about the beach.
Me: Oh?
Leighton: I was thinking maybe tomorrow we could go to the beach.

Good idea Leighton! I couldn't agree more.

And just the other day, Leighton out riding his little red flyer bike.

Leighton: Wow! What a beautiful day the Lord has made!

Amen to that!


Lindsay said...

Oh I just puffy heart little chubby baby knees!

Shannon Joy said...

aren't they so cute! :) i love the puffy heart lindsay! love it!