Monday, December 29, 2008

The Magic of Christmas through my NEW lens!!!

Here are some more super great pictures taken with my brand new lens, which I found perfectly wrapped under the Christmas tree. I was super excited to get snapping right away. These pictures are from Christmas Day at my anuties. I had a lot of great subjects that day as you can see from this stunning photo of my sweet little Lydie Bug.
It was fun to hand over my camera (nervously) for a few snapshots of me and my leading man. Ok, well, maybe my second leading man.
Uncle Jason and his future hunting buddy.
They just can't stop having fun together!

My sweet little nephew(by default) Sergio gave me the perfect shot here. He was really a fun subject because he gets very intense with his smiles. All those pictures will probably be a post of their own.
Leighton and his best girl "ya-ya" (Lydia).
My heart is melting away at the sight of this photo. What a beautiful little person.
As you can see, this little guy knows how to ham it up for the camera!
Feel the love. Merry Christmas!


HOME...the most important place on earth said...

Great pictures! I may have to hire you to take pics of my kids sometime! Keep snapping! :)

Shannon Joy said...

Michelle, you know I would be honored to capture your beautiful family in my lens! :)