Friday, January 2, 2009

A bitter, pregnant woman lashes out.

Morning sickness, it's not just for the mornings. They may as well call it ALL DAY LONG sickness. Where nothing sounds good, nothing looks good and my husband asking the common question, "what's for supper" may get him a knee in the groin! On the verge of puking all day long (but never actually doing it-cuz I JUST DON'T DO THAT) and bouts of extreme exhaustion throughout the day. Oh the joys of pregnancy! Yes, there are many joys. Mainly at the end when you get to hold your beautiful baby. But when you are only 10 weeks pregnant, that is a distant and fleeting thought. Is this a poor me, post? Why yes it is. Almost every day around our house is a "poor me" day. Cuz when momma aint feeling good, aint no one feeling good!

But really people, as I think about this more and more, it is just plain unfair. Let's recap a pregnancy backwards. And let's not even talk about when you "hold your baby" cuz really once that happens, it's all over and you forget about the horrid pregnancy. We aint anywhere near that point so let's be real. LABOR. Can anything be harder than labor? Crushing blows of a sledgehammer to your mid-section (i.e. contractions) that radiates around your back for hours. If you're really lucky, they hook you to a machine that tells you precisely when the sledgehammer will strike again. That's really a neat technology. Really neat. Tearing and cutting. (I won't go into details but those of you who have experienced this, know what I mean). A room full of people staring at you and all your disgusting glory! And that's just the very, very end of the whole 10 month process of pregnancy.

Don't forget all the other "treats" along the way. Huge, fatness. Waddling. Needing help getting out of bed. Freaking out over "false labor". Heartburn. Pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome-what? (yes, i had that last time and had to wear a brace on my hand at night). Back-pain. More back pain. Sore boobs. Constant urination. Insomia. Continual weight gain. Clumisiness. Forgetfulness. Leg cramps.Bleeding gums. Rhinitis (stuffy,runny nose).Cramps.Bloating. Excessive salivation. The list could go on and on here.

As if it all wasn't enough. Just tack on anywhere from 7-30 weeks of constant, horrid morning sickness and you have your self a party lasting 10 whole months! Do I sound bitter? I should, because I am. And if this morning sickness isn't gone in a few weeks, like it is for SOME people, I will be one huffy momma! I apologize in advance to my dear husband who bears the brunt of this burden on the homefront. Hang in there, honey.


Valerie said...

Ohhhhh Shannon, i"m sorry you feel so crummy, but aren't you glad you have this nifty blog to vent your frustrations!

Lindsay said...

I found you through Michelle - who forwarded me your lovely pregnancy poster (you know...the feeling like crap one). :-) Just want to let you know you are NOT alone. I am 10 weeks preggers and have left the couch but three times today (and I have two kids to look after). Don't ask me what my house looks like or the dishes that are in the sink, and dare NOT ask me what's for dinner. Dinner is whatever you make yourself, and if it sounds good enough, I'll partake, too. See - doesn't it feel great to share the misery??? :-) Hang in there. I feel your pain. Literally.

Shannon Joy said...

Yes, Valerie Jean, I am glad I have this blog to vent on. It might be happening a lot more often.
Lindsey, I AM glad to hear that I am not alone. I totally relate with you only getting off the couch 3 times in a day. This sounds like me on New Years Day when my husband and I were trying to clean and prepare for company coming this weekend. And I love that you will partake in dinner if it sounds good enough! haaa. thanks for commenting.

Leslie said...

Hey Shanny! Even though I have no idea what you are going through...and it sounds awful - I can't wait to experience it one day!! haha
Love Les

HOME...the most important place on earth said...

Boy do I remember those days...I have to say, I'm glad they are in my rearview mirror, but I can totally relate and remember...feel free to vent when needed! :)

Anonymous said...


I am sorry that you don't feel good. I know how you feel, except mine lasted the entire pregnancy and I had to be on meds. Hopefully you won't need that type of assistance! UGH. Hang in there and it you will be feeling better soon! Take care!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Shannon, I'm so sorry you feel so yucky. It's exciting though to see that you are expecting...I found your blog through Valerie's. Hope you're feeling better REAL soon!

Kristi Johnson