Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{DIY Turkey Baby}

So, you saw this cute idea on Pinterest and now you want one for your Thanksgiving huh?
Well, I don't blame you. I did the same thing last year. It is very E.A.S.Y. Trust me here. I don't craft or sew or go near needles or thread so this had to be Shannon-approved. And it was. Photobucket
So,here are the ingredients.

(1) very cute baby. -had one of these at home. :)
(1) brown Onsie-I got mine at Hobby Lobby for seriously $2.
(5) Felt paper size sheets-got mine at Walmart for like chump change per sheet. White for eyes, Black for eye balls, orange for gaggle and feather, blue feather, yellow/green feather, red feather.
Some fabric glue.

1. Cut out all the parts.
2. Glue them on
3. Lay out to dry.
4. Put onsie on cute baby for a complete Turkey Baby.
5. Take photos.

And finally,
6. Enjoy your Turkey Baby.......and try not to eat this one.


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