Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and Warner Brothers called.

Um......okay, so Warner Brothers just called. Photobucket

And apparently, they want their Turtles back!!!!! And who can blame them?

Not only is this the cutest thing I have ever, noooooo, EV-EV-EV-EVER seen in my life, but this has Hollywood written all over it. Thus why the call from Warner Brothers. Just kidding. But I will be entirely shocked if they don't call me once this blog post goes viral. I am pretty sure they will want to cast these three in a movie. It's not like being their mother I would be biased or anything. I'm just sayin. It's my best guess.

 Before I get this Halloween show on the road, I need to stop and give credit where credit is due.

You see about a month ago, I found this adorable homemade Turtle costume (similar to the ones seen here) online. And I knew just what I had to do next. What any awesome domesticated girl would do.....I sent the picture in an email to my MIL, Laurie and said, "soooo...what do you think? you think we can tackle this?" Now my MIL, being the smart lady that she is, knew full well that by "we" i actually meant we as in  she doing it and me being with her in spirit. You see, anyone and especially my mother in law knows that there is only one place for me to be during a sewing project. And that place is no less than 20 feet away at all times. You see, not only am I a teensy tiny bit bad at tending to the minor, little detials but I happen to be double cousins/basically sisters with the girl who just started a little painting business and named it...."It's Good Enough". Like I said, I'm better observing from afar. But I did score the shirts and pants at Walmart with the hubs, which was a great deal and a pretty good contribution to the "our" project. So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Laurie for all your hard work on theses amazing shells and accessories.

Moving on.

We headed in to town to visit a few of our friends. This was one friend who wasn't quite home when we got there so I took it upon myself to have a little photo shoot on their front porch. And of course Chase, no, excuse me, it's Chasiel (chase + rafeal)....Chasiel has to ham it up for his mamma!

Continued hamming.


And maybe even a few dance moves to boot.
  PhotobucketThen we let them loose on the streets and it was pure Turtle action from there. Photobucket Photobucket They got a lot lot of smiles. Photobucket


Beckett, no Bikey {Beckett + Mikey}, was just on cloud nine to be out running around, just like his big brothers, hittin up the neighbors for candy.


We returned home with some tired boys who were ready to check out their candy stashes.


Bikey concentrating very hard on this ever so important task.


It's either that or he's saying...".....hands off girl!"

In the end, it doesn't get much better than this.


p.s. Back away, Warner Brothers, just back away very slowly. We will be keeping them-permanatly. :)


Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Darrel said...

What fun it was and how CUTE they are.

Shannon Heick said...

Thank you Grandma!!!!! You are the best!