Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1st Day of Preschool

His handwriting. Just a three year old. My 2nd baby. Off to Pre-K with my first this week.

{Gasp} Did you read the bottom.......when he grows up, he wants to be a daddy. I would say the boy has a hero for a daddy. I would say the daddy has done his job right well.

The one with that look on his face. At all times.

The silly face making

momma heart melting baby boy. Not so much a baby anymore.

Off to Pre-K.

And ready to conquer the world.

I know he will.

And then there is the one who went before him, who will shelter him this year.

The well-thought out, careful, sweet one.

Oh how sweet is this one, my first?

He wants to be a fireman.

Lost his first tooth by accident. Now 5 and in love with school and doing projects and writing and drawing and painting and reading and music. So good at music, this boy.

Chase was sooooo excited to hang up his backpack. (ok, not the pink one in the background!)

He is going to be well taken care of with the best preschool teacher that ever lived. (if she only knew how much we all talk about how much we love her all the time, and how she is so patient and calm and how does she handle all of our kids?)

And he will be under the careful, protective wings of his big brother.

I cannot wait to see what this looks like at the end of the year!

ok, mom....he can go now. i got this. we got this!

and a mommy returns home with the last one.

wants to be like his big brothers.

ready now for a snuggle and a nap. a loooong nap she prays.

and there she sits. a quiet house. everyone is where they should be.
bigger ones in preschool. baby in his crib with dreams.
i take a deep breath and breath this grace in.

and then......(zipper of an album scratching sound stopping the soundtrack).....smack myself in the face and say, "get to work you fool.....this will only last for 2 more hours!"

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