Monday, August 6, 2012

{inspire me monday} the comfort zone

do you spend your life in your comfort zone? surrounded by the things that are familiar and protect you? do you ever look beyond the self-built walls or railings and see there is something more? but then all those familiar feelings of apathy and fear and what if i fail, what will people think of me... creep back in.

what if you stepped out for just a moment? beyond the railing. beyond the fears.

and all of the sudden there was a little bit more clarity.
all of the sudden, you started seeing things that you couldn't see before.
better things.
beautiful things.

but what if you missed so much of the beauty that God had planned for you?
because you stayed.
don't miss it. it's there.

what's beyond your comfort zone?

find your faith. pray. then leap.

you will not regret it.

i didn't.

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