Wednesday, August 8, 2012

i'll take a double venti mocha latte with 2 shots of grace...pahhh-lease.

I am not a happy camper.

I am a sleepy camper.

Or one might even categorize me as a crabby camper.

This was my view last night.

Yes, while it's quite pretty to see my cute deck lights reflecting the awesome little pools of water brought by the rain.....

It ain't so cute when the babe of 15 months is getting some mack daddy molars and is up running around on the main floor screaming his lungs out and saying "no" in a really mean way. It's not a pretty picture. Especially when it goes on for hours. and HOURS. Did I say HOURS? many of them.

Then finally when even the teaspoon of medicine did not do the trick, Mickey Mouse came to the rescue and zonked the babe out at maybe 5 or 6AM.

Then the awesome husband, on his way out the door for work-zombie style as well, sets up the big boys who arose at 7 in front of a movie. the babe is still passed out, all flailed out across mybed....

then a mom can get a few hours of sleep.

and while i was a living zombie when i awoke and found the babe had slipped out of my bed to join his big brothers

this blurry scene that i walked into seemed to make the exhaustion fade just a tad.

mind you, i said a tad. just a tad.

put on the coffee please.

maverick, had the right idea today.

now to get through this rainly, wet day, i just pray for more grace.

if there is one thing a crabby mom needs, it's grace.

2 shots please. and make it strong.

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