Monday, July 2, 2012

inspire me monday

now...while you for sure are the most awesome person today....

somebody really needs to pop my bubble here. 

meaning the bubble that says i should be decorating anything in my house.
seriously...this is what i came up with for my bathroom about a month ago.

seeee-riously. this is how i hang crap at my house. my husband is so precise and particular and i'm all like, hey, just lob it up there, eye ball that sucker and call it good. mind you, there are no photos in the frames.nor is there any way to actually put photos in them. AND if you can get beyond the totally, ridiculously crooked nature of the frames, one might also notice how off-centered this "art grouping" is from the towel rack. which by the way.....why the bleepity bleep is there a towel rack there? like, wouldn't a shelf or something make more sense? it's been there for 7 years and it just dawned on me that i don't like it.  by the way, make sure you join me for the next DIY post titled "Why Shannon Should NEVER do a DIY project-EVA-AGAIN".  we will use this picture and many more as evidence. 

and then, it was my sis-in-laws bday. Happy Birthday Valerie! 

Leighton stabbed a knife in her heart when he asked me if Aaron (my bro) and Valerie were his grandparents......

The next day, he pulled the knife out and stitched up the wound by saying...when she walked into his room with her pretty new dress on....." look.....WOW!" so it's all good now. i hope. 

baby beach bum toes. 

a few weeks ago, my totally handy man husband made us this. 

this equals many hours of fun for the children, accompanied by many hours of sanity for their mother.

chase is just one cool dude for whom which i am guessing parents of future teenage girls in our circle may want to keep an eye on. always a sparkle in that boys eyes. 

the next generation of cool.

some days....i run across these little strange things in my own home or, say, hanging on my fridge that just make me stop and go...really? 

in more exciting news....

my middle child is almost completely potty trained!!!! yahooo!!!  now we need to start working on writing his name which he wrote at the top of the page. thus the lessons. 

then we went to this really cool fireworks stand. 

these guys are as cool as they come.

and they hold your children for you if you need. (it helps when they are the uncle of the said child).

lovin our lake trips this summer.

as well as our pretend lake trips in our own backyard.

love my boys.

these curls say, " your heart out"

and now my lovely blog readers.

go forth. be awesome.

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Leslie said...

Shannon - you are awesome ;)