Thursday, June 28, 2012

{work at home mom}


welcome to my office. 

i am a {work at home mom}

no, for real. i'm not kidding. i have a home office and work at home, around my kids. 
i get most of my "work,work" done during lunch time when daddy is home, naptime, pbs time or bedtime......but here and there throughout the day...i weave it in when i feel like it. 
key words: "when i feel like it"

this is one of my "co-workers"........our office gladly accepts bubbles. 

we even have crazy-hair days at "the office".

as you can see, because i am either playing with my kids or windows are a little neglected. but hey, we will have time to wash windows when the kids are out of the house. that cute face.....he is why i work at home. :) 

some days, at work, we have pool parties. 

and other days.....

we have pool parties. 

this is the only job where it's ok to kiss your co-workers. 

i really really really love my job.both of them. 


Dumb Mom said...

That looks pretty much like my office! Only my coworkers are bigger. And they probably fight more.

Shannon Heick said...

Ha Ha Dumb Mom! I'm not sure about the fighting part....these three can get pretty catty from. The baby is especially fiesty with his big brothers! ;) Thanks for reading!