Wednesday, May 9, 2012

stick shifts and safety belts and the gettin' there

wow! do you ever get overwhelmed with all the things to do on the to do list of life? 

we have some really big family goals this year and we are working really really hard and watching them happen right before our eyes. it's so awesome to see what hard work and commitment can do, not just for yourself, but for others. i love that.

with all that, i feel super busy and super excited all at the same time. and also super like have a big list of things to accomplish. regular things. goal things. life things. many things. one of those items does still include this blog. and while i can't keep it as up to date as i would like, i can manage to share bits of happy here and there. 

this is one of those bits of happy. coming straight from my blessed little heart. 
hopefully bringing you a smile. 
this little scene reminds me of what is really important in life
beyond the lists and goals and should dos and might dos. 

putting all those aside. and just enjoy. 

Reba McEntire once asked her father, a world champion steer roper an important question: 

"daddy, what was better...............the moments when you were awarded all the trophies or was it
the gettin' there?"  

reba's daddy said, "oh that's was the gettin' there, honey" 

so no matter what your goals are and how big they are and how far away they seem and how many lists you have compiled for yourselves......

don't forget to enjoy the gettin' there. 

this is just one of our "gettin' there" moments. 

what are your "gettin there" moments?

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