Sunday, May 13, 2012


mothers are awesome. we are sheerly amazing creatures. 

i love my own mother so much. thank you, mom, for showing me how to live a life on the happy side. thank you for showing me how to find the positive in absolutely anything, everything and especially

i love my mother in law so much. thank you, Laurie, for showing me how to be a giver. how the little things we do for others show them how loved they are. {those little things you have always done for me and us have not gone unnoticed}. 

and i love all my other mothers. my mother sister in laws. my mother small groupers. my mother friends. my mother BFF's. my mother most-BFF in the whole wide world who is a pretty amazing mother of a mother. my mother grandmothers. my mother business partners. my mother neighbors. lots and lots of mothers. even brand new mothers i am just getting to know. i truly love all of you mothers in my life. 

all of these mothers have such unique gifts and special qualities. i have been blessed by each of them
in so many ways. i think of proverbs 31 to describe all of us mothers. it's not that the proverbs 31 woman was one woman. if she was, she was a whacked out of her mind tired mother. because she did a LOT! but....i think she represents the amazing qualities of many of us.  i love her. i love us. i love mothers. 

most though, i love these boys who call me their mother. 
what a blessed, blessed thing to be called their mother. 

of all the little boys in the whole great big universe...
God gave me simply, hands-down, the best ones he ever made.

finally, a tribute to our lovely grandma barbara on our first mothers day apart.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that video is somthing. Amazing Shannon.

Shannon Joy said...

thanks anonymous. :)