Sunday, May 27, 2012

Project 52 {My Three}

My Three | Week49
Here I see the next 18 years....or so. Lots of this going on. I can't wait. 

My Three | Week 50
For week 50, I caught them in the bathtub. Later they will thank me for taking a blurry picture.
But then they will realize that I have 4763 other naked bathtub pictures. And they won't thank me anymore. Until I break out the ice cream. That can fix anything. ANYTHING.

My Three | Week 51
Week 51, before church one morning. It was windy. But I don't care. They are even cuter with
wind-blown hair. Their mother on the other hand, is not. I digress.

My Three | Week 52
Week 52. The final week of my first attempt at a Project 52. Wow. I love everything about this picture.
I love that Chase is missing a sock. I love how they are in matching shirts. I don't normally do that. But I love it here. I love how all their hands are connected and form a perfect non-straight but totally still perfect line. They are so connected.
They are so perfectly connected. 

Project 52. Completed.

A mom's heart. totally Completed. 


lovingthislife said...

congratulations! love those adorable boys! will you do another 52 weeks?

Shannon Joy said...

i'm not sure what to do? maybe you should tell me. do i start right now or do I start on Jan 1? or do i start when the school year starts? oh the dilemmas!