Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beckett {12 Months}

Beckett railed right on past 12 months earlier this month. Yep, I'm a tad behind but who is counting??? Ok, back off grandparents, I know you guys are in fact counting, but I got this. I got this. 12 month update. Coming right up! 

So, he did it!!! He turned 12 months. I'm so proud of him. And ME!!!  I managed to keep three little jumping off of things happy boys alive for a whole year. Mostly, Derrick and I managed to keep Beckett out of harms way due to said little jumping off of things older brothers. 

I just can't even fathom this that this little blazin bundle of Beckett is O.N.E. I don't even get how this happened so fast?! And while it went fast, I feel like it was just right. I am so blessed to have spent every single day with that boy during his first year. It will never get old. 

Here's the "I'm so stinkin adorable I don't even know what to do with myself" pose. 

Laughter. How we love to laugh. How we love to giggle. How we love to put happy at the top of the list for the day. How boo boos happen in life, but smiles and funny jokes and stories and rhymes drown out the owies of the day. We choose joy. 
Those chubby little ankles. Always escaping from the "mommy is making me sit here for her picutre" moments. Always escaping.
Hand in the smile pose. I simply love. 

Beckett is walking. He started taking some serious stepage about a week before his 1st birthday.
So, there goes the idea of any rest whatsoever for this mama! But who really needs to sit down anyway? There will be many years for that. Lord willing. 

He has a few words. Mama. Da da. And lots of imitations. Nothing else really off the hook to report in the speech department. I guess I will give him a break since he's just over 12 months old. 
We will start cracking the books, errrr, flash cards very soon one of these days when slightly older little humans stop climbing on all my cupboards and scaling bunk beds and stuff. 
(maybe at the same time, we break out the flashcards, his mother should take some lessons on run-on 
sentances....maybe? just a thought)

He has quite a throwing arm. Food. Balls. Toys. Books. It doesn't matter. If he can hold it, he can
and will throw it. He is just starting to attempt to jump. A big squat down, followed by a quick jump where the feet do not actually move off the ground. It's so cute. 

He sleeps through the night. Every once in a while around 11 a squak but nothing that causes one or both parents to rise before he goes back to sleep. Phew. He drinks milk like it's going out of style. He is on whole milk and digs it something fierce. Not a big fan of new foods. He likes to stick to his fab four: 
yogurt,cottage cheese, corn, crackers. 
Seriously, that's what he likes. Ok, I forgot pizza. And a few more. But not many. 
But that pretty much exhausts his list. Ouch. This mom needs to get that boy shaped up in the eating department. One of the biggest struggles we have had with the youngest two. Silly boys.

Although Beckett's new favorite activity is walking, his 2nd favorite form of getting around is walking on his knees. Whenever someone is over at our place, they just laugh how cute it is! That's my boy. Bringing on the smiles for those all around him. You can climb up the stairs really fast. When I am changing your diaper, if you get that look in your eye and i take my hand off you for a second, you will
flip around and all i will see is a bare little butt making his way to the kitchen or bedroom or wherever you can go to hide from me. Laughing the entire time.

Another cute, but not so cute thing he does is when he doesn't get his way. He crawls out on the floor space in front of him and throws himself on the ground. Or, perhaps if he's by the patio door/sliding glass window...then he will bang his head on the window. Or if there is a chair near by, he will ram his cute little forehead right into the wood beam on the chair. Youch. It's hard not to laugh at him because he does it sort of gingerly, although you can see he is trying to make his point. "I don't like this mom".
And while I'm not cheering on this behavior, I do find it hard to not laugh at him.

Wow, boy. One year of loving you and this mommy has all she needs.
You are sweet and spunky and silly.
I love it when you hug me.
Your "mwaw" kisses {with a slight he-bop snuck in} are perfect.
Mommy loves you sweet boy.
Can't wait to watch you grow into the awesome person God made you to be.

all my hugs and kisses and he-bops,


Anonymous said...

he is Just.So.Cute!!

Shannon Joy said...

thanks friend. :)