Tuesday, April 3, 2012

stealthy baby + boogers

Does anyone remember This?  Well today's this, reminds me of that.  It's so cute. 
Different kid. Different glasses. Same nerdy mom behind the camera. 
Less editing due to less time. Which resutls in more boogers and snot.
(there...that's your warning) 

So the current story goes something like this. Me and Beckett and Leighton were hanging out. Ok, it was really just me and Beckett. Leighton was oblivious on the couch engrossed in the "little game". Beckett and I were rolling around on the floor. Naturally. 

And this cutie pie is just, well.....cute. Scratchies, boogers,snot stream and all. 

So, with his stealthy baby stealthiness, he grabbed my glasses straight off my nose. 

He attempted to put them on. 

And he missed. So, I don't know why, but he gave them back to me. 

But then he realized that stealthy little babies should not give up and should get those glasses right back from their mommies. 

So....one must beg. 

And plead. 

Some more. 

And then, said little baby might need to really pull out all the stops and get the waterworks going.

Which oftentimes results in stealthy little baby twisting not his mom's arm but her soft little heart into a puddle of "i can stand my ground" mush and she gives in. 

Stealthy little baby realizes just how stealthy he is. 

And with a little help.

He emerges victorious. 

Pure. Utter. Victory. 

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