Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seeing. Every once in a while.....Fargo photographer

Every once in a while Chase and Leighton nap TOGETHER. As in at the same time. And really when I say every once in a while I truly mean it. Leighton seems to be outgrowing his naps. Or so he thinks. I, on the otherhand, AM NOT.

So, when Leighton doesn't nap his next option is quiet time in his room with his books. If he's extra chatty that day, I put him in the next room so he doesn't wake Chase up.

Anyway, I really need the quiet time/nap time to get some of my work done. And normally that is what happens.

But every once in a while. Chase pulls a Leighton. And decides he's not gonna nap.

Except this day- Chase pulled a Leighton and Leighton pulled a Chase. Got that? Have I lost you? I didn't think so.

Clearly you know what I mean here is Leighton ACTUALLY napped for once and Chase decided he wasn't gonna.

And OK, so sometimes there is a huge little bit of disgust that comes upon me when I realize my "mom" and/or work time is over by the non-napping napperos in my house.

Because sometimes it's nice to just sit and drink a Monster once in a while. In peace. And quiet.

So, back to the day. Where we SAW. Together.

Chase and I were spending some quality alone time together. With Maverick of course.

And that is one of the benefits of one kid waking before the other and spoiling mom's naptime bliss. Is that we get some quality together time. And I mean that. That's good stuff man.

Even better than a monster. In peace. And quiet.

So..........we were having some close face cuddling time.

And he went for my glasses.

And of course I pulled his hand away and said "uh-uh, not mommy's glasses that cost money".

But then...he looked at me.

Like this.

And then he reached out. And I reached out with my glasses and liked seeing his little face in the. So I took a bunch of pictures. Big shocka there.

And I just couldn't take the heart-stabbing mommy-please-just-this-one-time eyes anymore and I gave straight in.

And Chase did this.

And this was my reward. What a cute reward.

After we continued the anti-naptime glasses silly festival, Chase got an idea.

Totally his own idea. Not his mother's. At all.

Sorry Maverick. So sorry. For all the awesome families who could have picked you.

You. got. us.

p.s. thanks for skipping your nap that day Chase. I loved it. Every stinkin minute!


Mrs. T said...

These are so great, Shannon! Actually made me tear up--he's so beatiful. We love naps at our house too. Now that our little girl is 4 though it is VERY rare that we get simultaneous naps. Take care!

Shannon Joy said...

Oh thanks Mrs. T-he is a little beauty isn't he! It's good to hear from you! Hope you and the fam are doing well!

Grampa D said...

That little mind of Chase really amazed me when a couple of months ago when I was playing with Leighton and Chase downstairs. Leighton was hitting the golf ball and Chase wanted to do that too. He picked up the plastic golf club with one hand about half up the club and hit the golf ball with pedalum action perfectly. From early on Chase would always be watching closely at the action around him without doing anything.
It is going to be alot of fun seeing Chase grow, to sit back and see what that little mind will come up with and do. Miss those boys. It is so great to see you light up with all the new things your boys do and come up with.

Shannon Joy said...

thanks Gpa Darrel! it will be quite a ride indeed! we'll see you soon!