Tuesday, March 27, 2012

this and that.

just some fun pictures to share from the iphone again. sometimes things people and animals are moving a tad too quickly for me to achieve optimum focus. plus, there is usually a little human on my back, on my hip, or sitting on my foot with their legs wrapped around my leg. anyways......

one day, maverick decided he was too cool for school.

clearly, waaaaaaay to cool. 
then Beckett wanted to get in on the action.
i mean really, really, really. cute.
this just makes me laugh. for realsies. 
besties. for-evah.
spring sprang. 

me n the last remaining sidekick that doesn't talk back to me yet. 
wait for it....wait for it.....
yes! this is just great. greatness captured through my lovely little moment catcher, known as iphone.
mom....out for a sunday morning run jog/walk. 
look who's gonna be walking soon.......
and this, my friends, is Maverick's response to me saying:
"Maverick......go get in the van". 
For real, Maverick? For reals? Of all the spots that are open in our 8 passenger automobile, for your big fluffy, furry rump, you choose this one? we love you anyway, Maverick. 


Leslie said...

Did I read that right??? Did you say LAST remaining sidekick?? What does that mean:)
Playdate soon??

Shannon Joy said...

ohhhhh you know it neighbor girl! get your babies over here for coffee some morning next week!