Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chase { 32 months}

It has been a long, long while since an update on my little Chaseroo. It's hard to believe he is closing in on 3 years old, this summer. That twinkle in his eye is no lie. He is just as sweet and adorable and charming and mischievous as that little twinkle appears. At 2 and 3/4 of a year, Chase has grown into such a little boy. A boys boy. Trucks and trains and rocks and bugs. He does throw in an occasional tea party every now and then, but mostly he's pretty serious about being a little superhero cowboy. Oh and he loves string cheese. 

This boy just knows how to work my heart-strings. 

This couldn't be any more fitting. 

Yep......I love this boy. 

My goofy, sweet boy. 

In the development arena...... Chase seems to be your normal almost three year old. One thing we aren't sure about is his true ability in recognizing colors. Sometimes we think he is just teasing us and other times we really think he doesn't know them yet. Hmmmmm. Not sure if that's a mom fail yet or not. 

Chase loves doing projects from our little craft boxes. Coloring and playing with his science kit are also really high up there. You will also find him running around the house being chased by Leighton or vice versa. Mickey Mouse is his favorite show and he has recently also taken a liking to PBS Kids on the computer. 

He is really starting to have more consistency with potty training. We aren't out of the woods yet but we can see the open field of possibilities in our budget for the days when we are only diapering one little human instead of two. Temper tantrums have started up. If this were Facebook, I would click the dislike button. (except i think they got rid of that-and that is smart because i dislike it when people run around disliking things all day long. that is such a downer). that being said, i still dislike tantrums. 
His eating is.....well....picky. He loves milk and crackers and frozen peas and corn and bread with butter and sugar and fruit and fruit snacks and frosting and chicken and pizza and lasagna. 

He loves to do pretty much anything his big brother does. Both good and not so good. He loves to sing and dance and is excited to get a drum set. He loves Jesus already. Yay! When we go to my moms group on Tuesdays he asks me if we are going to talk about Jesus. After we are done, he always asks me if we talked about a Jesus. Just to make sure. He says that he has Jesus in his heart and Jesus will 
"tect" him. (a.k.a. protect him). Boo-yah for my babies who love Jesus! 

Well, I'm sure there are oodles and oodles of things I'm missing. Mainly, the pictures sum it up though. He's super super awesome and cute and adorable and even a lot mischievous. He steals my heart every
single day. I love this kid in such a way that I can't explain. 

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