Monday, March 19, 2012

Beckett {10 Months}

I'm a tad late {again} on Beckett's monthly update. least I got it up IN the same month. That's pretty awesome of me. At 10 months, things around here are getting a little more busy. Wow..this kid can get around. The closest I could get him sitting on his butt in our monthly chair photo was this.

Mostly he was just being busy.


And cute.

And more cute.

And happy.


 A little inquisitive.


And so so so so so so



I love the way he loves his big brohters.
So....10 months. It's hard to believe. I keep saying that every single time I do an update. But it's so true. Beckett is changing and growing so fast. I just love every new stage so much that I change my mind and decide that the new stage is now my new favorite state and not the previous stage for which i was convinced was my new favorite stage from the stage before that. Capiche? Huh? Yes. Exactly. So, we are waiting for Beckett to realize that his feet are attached to his cute little legs and just up and start running. He's not quite there but he has been attempting to stand on his own. Derrick had him standing for about 3 seconds one day and just last week he did it again! I just missed photographing the standing alone milestone while sprinting into my room, hitting my head on the corner of the desk, ripping out one of my earings, turning my camera on and ready to aim and click.....whoops. He was done. No camera opps for mama that day. He was eating a ton of food (and sometimes non food) items over the last few months. Recently though, he seems to be taking after Chase and being a bit picky on things. Seriously, my youngest two have not liked Cheerios??!? What the duker is up with that? This is like a baby to toddler right of passage to love and always consume Cheerios. He does love Goldfish so that somewhat makes up for it. Although today he gagged on one and for real puked all over himself in his highchair. That was not cool. I wish they made Goldfish that were cut in half or something. In other news, he is really, really, really super duper speedy. Did I say that already? He likes to be chased by the boys. And now he likes to chase them and head butt them and pretend to try to bite them and giggle. His little personality is budding. On Sunday, I accidentally gave Leighton the idea of putting Beckett in a laundry basket and pushing him all over kingdom come. While I'm sure this will provide many hours of giggling and laughter, I'm sure there will be a few crashes in his future as well. Better get this boy a bodysuit of padding........yeeesh. And like I mentioned above, he likes to head butt us alot. He's like a little battering ram. A cute battering ram. He is very proud of himself for clapping. He is working on putting one finger up so he can answer the "how old are you" question very soon! { little baby battering ram is going to be ONE!!!} I guess that's all for 10 months. I love you my sweet little baby battering ram. So much. Love, mom.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe he is almost a year old already. Beckett we love you and your brothers from head to toe. Love, Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Darrel

Shannon Joy said...

they love you too Grandpa!!!