Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project 52 { My Three}

My Three | Week 41

Week 41. The three of them are all able to be in the cart via various positions.  Getting rid of the car seat in the shopping cart has been a huge perk. Now there is room for the actual stuff we are shopping for! Sheer genius. The cart is getting heavier by the trip, but it makes for a good workout and lots of smirks from other patrons. Quick funny but not so funny story. During a bad mom moment at Target recently, Leighton climbed under the cart to hang out on the bottom rack. And while being engrossed in the underware section, {because I needed new ones and I haven't had time to stop in the underware section for about 4 years!!!!} Leighton had his hand down on the floor and I ran his hand over with the wheel of the cart. YOUCH!!!!  That made for some awesome screams in the underware section at Target. Nothing like getting everyone's attention in the store. While standing in the underware section with three kids. 

Some people scale mountains. Some people parasail. 

I get my thrills at Target with three kids. 

Except this picture was taken at Walmart. 


Lindsay Y. said...

Dude.....there's STILL not enough room in there for perishables!!

....which is why I now have to do my shopping after bedtime. Sigh.

Shannon Joy said...

I hear ya mama!!!