Saturday, January 28, 2012

randomness and a belly button cord.

Today was a fun day!  Derrick's parents are visiting so we went to Noodles. That's a noodle on Beckett's lip. He capital L O V E S noodles. He's getting so big! It was fun to eat out.

Noodley lip smiles.
My mom in law and I went to Hobby Lobby. I thought this was funny. I texted it to my BFF, Cassie, right away. Cassie is going to kill me by the way. I posted old pictures from our Puerto Rico trip on FB and there were some really,really funny ones of both of us. One where she had just hugged her now husband with her wet bikini on and it left imprints of her boobs on his shirt!!! isnt' that funny!! and some of me with these hideous red, floral, tropical capris. they were just redonkulous! somebody seriously needed to slap my face off for wearing them. but cassie was not happy to say the least that i posted pictures of her. so now there is going to be some type of retribution. and i'm pretty much thinking that i should just shut my entire facebook page down now. i know that i need to be afraid. very afraid. 
Later my husband needed to go pick up a bunch of meat at our fave meat shop. So I asked him to drop me off at a mod thrift store while he did his "meat shopping". It's a rare occurance for me to get out on my own, much less go to a store that like has lots of thrifty clothes ON SALE, and actually have enough time to try them on for pete's sake!!! Usually, if I do run in for a goes like this. I get my dressing room filled with ideas and then the honeymoon in the minivan with my hubs and the kids is over and we are headed back home before I could say, "i'll take one of those" to the nice sales ladies.

today though, i saw an opportunity. that being, my husband headed to the meat shop. clothing store which was right along the way. plus 2 older children just nestled into a long nap. plus one grandma who just can't turn down the chance to snuggle with one little almost 9 month old.

and that my friends is what we call a "mom opening". i saw it. and i took a running spring through that door!

i had a blast! i scored this cute little BRIGHT PINK sweater and SA-WEET boots on sale!!! now let me remind you before you get too excited here. just know that behind every great outfit may be a few
little things you don't see. like the boots for example. although they fit great in the foot-al area, they seem to be a bit snug on the calves. like almost couldn't zip them up snug. like, ouchie snug. until i can finally get them zipped. then they are fine. but really, i was wondering if some of the weight i have left to do is just sitting around in my calves because i've never needed to "suck in my calves" so to speak.
but that's not the point. point is, those babies are cute. also take note of the darker boots a few boots behind the lighter set of boots. my husband thinks i have too many boots. so the farther back boots.
i almost choose those because they are super cute COWBOY boots! what girl doesn't need a pair of modern cowboy boots i ask thee!!?! well, i sure do. but.....i held back and stuck with the pointies instead. which by the way, my BFF Cassie has already informed via the picture text i sent her that she in fact does not like these. she's just not a pointy shoe girl. and i can live with that.

ok, so moving on. this is my new cube shelf for my "office". i'm super pumped about it. now just don't judge me yet. i haven't quite figured how to organize it yet. i'm sortof in a room re-do process right now. i need to find baskets and storage boxes and little decor things and so forth. and that ghastly thing on the top is my printer. it only fits there so i gotta deal right now. the pictures weirdly above it and behind the big white thing are old pictures that no longer will be there but i just haven't taken them down yet. i will, i will. and the big white thing is my dream board. have you ever made a dream board? i'm super excited to make mine. and when it's done, it's going above the imac to the left i think. my "office" by the way is little space inside my master bedroom. it's all good. all good.

The day got even better when we were fooling around with my old camera. I pulled out an old memory card and shoved it in the reader and came up with these.


Beckett was 5 days old. I'm just so happy that I forgot about these pictures and just found them now.
So happy.

the cord!!!!!!
happy being a big brother, Chase!! {he was sooo innocent here}
just love this.
boobie blisters are my favorite!!!!!!
the sweetness is
It is as if at 5 days old he is saying to himself, "oh yeah boys and girls, i did it. i have arrived."

Oh golly gee willikers! I'm just so excited about this day. It was relaxing and fun. And yummy. 

now i'm off to beat my head against my desk as i try to figure out how to make a new blog. i bought this little cheapo template and now i can't fugure out a way to edit it to my liking. i'm sick of my blog. i've got big ideas for it. just not a lot of technical skills to do it myself. and google can only take a baller so far. 

goodnight my party-people. good night. 

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