Thursday, January 26, 2012

Iphone Frenzy, Y'all.

Here's a bit of a review of this week and last....from the view of my trusty iphone.

Maverick went to preschool. Here he is getting pumped up for his debut. 
 p.s. need a hair cut really bad. your breath reeks something fierce this week. but we love that stinky, nasty breath of yours anyway. sortof. 

This is chapel time at our Preschool. How cute is that?! 
Beckett getting some serious smoosh face with one of the preschool siblings. 
Chase and I had a drawing date while Leighton was a preschool. Beckett was napping. 
I thought this dinosaur I drew wasn't half bad. Mind you, I said half, people.
Then Chase requested a dino on his paper. 
And this is what I came up with. Seriously, what the world is that!? That's called....."your mommy is on crack and trying to draw you a dinosaur" dinosaur. sorry buddy. really though....what is with that nose?
derrick tells me it looks like an anteater. 

we went to a college game with the boys. 

of course the highlight was dippin dots.

this is us. {minus Beckett. he was at aunties giggling the night away}


my girl Lyd was over the other week. she had my iphone.

did a 500 piece puzzle with the hubs and Jonah-ronah.


and then there's Beckett. or should i say...where is Beckett?

oh yes, clearly, he is where every totally watched third child should be.

in the lazy suzan.

no, i mean....really. he's IN the lazy suzan. that is called SA-WEET parenting 101.

me and my boooooo-diggity.

boo-diggity and his boo-daddy. snugglin.

i leave you with this. 

 hot chocolattte. and 2 marshies to boot. 

bam! that's us. have a great weekend! 

no wait....on second thought, i'll leave you with this. 



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Hahaha! Loved it - so funny Shannon:)

Leslie said...
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