Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project 52 {My Three}

My Three |  Week #!*#??

This week brings a new chapter. For starters, I realized my weeks are messed up. I had us a few weeks ahead of what we really are in this last few post so......yeah, that's neat. Way to go mom!  But hey, maybe this is because I take too many pictures???  I guess I was a little ahead of myself. This might be an indication of how busy these three keep me! I'll get that little quirk ironed out here and corrected someday so we are right on track again.  Someday.

Anyway, this week there is a certain little mini super hero in the making who is on the move and ready to join his super hero brothers in fighting crime upstairs and downstairs, all day long. Thus the gate seen here. The gate has been added for maximum security. Oh yeah, and to make them even more
dangerous, the mini super hero also pulls himself into the upright/standing position and gets himself into all kinds of little pickles. 

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