Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beckett {8 months}

8 months. Where did you go? 

Wowzers. It's been over 2 months since an update on this little wonderboy. I missed 7 months! Whoopsie. And it's not so much that I missed it. It's more like I mis-placed the cute little tie sticker things and kept "waiting until I found them". the words of my brother, Jason, when my cousin Justin's wahoo fell out of his boxers during  a post-Christmas present opening dance maneuvear,  "that just happened".

So, yes, that just happened and I found the ties. Finally.

Back to the reason for the post here. Beckett.

There have been a lot of changes happening since our last post! What hasn't changed though is how much I want to eat those cute little toes. 

His personality is blooming. He is a pretty incessant smiler. Doesn't take much more than a glance to get a big ole gummy smile beaming back at you. It's an immediate day brightner!
So, the term mobile has a new meaning. I don't remember his big brothers getting this crazily mobile this fast. I'm scared. 
As you can see, he made his way off the chair and likes to pull up on things and cruise around.
I now find him in all kinds of precarious places. If he's not wedged in between the wall and a table, he's stuck under our dining room chairs. He thinks it's a jungle gym. And for all intents and purposes, it is.
We sure don't eat on the thing. 3 messy boys and very light cream carpet equals a recipe for "let's just eat in the kitchen for the next 15 years". The darn table might as well get some other uses. I'd say a jungle gym makes sense right now.

Point is, he's standing with a couch assist. 
I find Chase funny in the background of that picture.

Ok, then we have accomplished waving. As seen in the picture on the right. He's quite proud of himself. As he should be. Good job bud. This is just one more smooth move to add to your arsenal of
"great ways to get mommy break down and give into my every demand due to my immense cuteness"

And I rest my case. 
If you look real close in this picture above, can you guess the other new milestone? A
free gift to the first correct guesser!!!!
I don't know what the gift will be though? Maybe I'll pick something from my desk right now. That could mean some pretty amazing, a baby nail file, a Clear Defense germ killing gel (used), some pens, a green highlighter, a Leadership in Action magazine, a memory card...
seriously....this could get pretty ridic.

Ok, back to Beckett. 
Well, that about sums him up. Wait, no it doesn't. There's so much more. Let's see. He's eating lots of foods. He really likes sharp cheddar gold fish. Calm down, Mom, calm down. I bite off the goldfish bodies and just give him the teensy tiny tail. Last weekend when mom was here she about had a heart attack with every little thing he put in his mouth. Just settle it, Mom. I know you gave us pureed food until we were 14 but seriously, the kid knows how to gum his food. Love you too! Ok, so he's smart. Shocker! He thinks he is a vacuum cleaner. He finds every little speck of crumby goodness on our floors and attempts to eat them. I usually remove them but sometimes it's too late. Sorry dude, your fast! You are starting to say momma a little bit and we've heard dada once or twice i think. right honey? or am i just in crazy land right now? no, i'm pretty sure i heard dada. He's not killin it on the growth charts but he's not lagging behind either. He's right in the middle. I'm cool with that. He is sortof on a schedule. Not a long napper but he sleeps pretty good at night. Soon he'll be running to basketball games with his brothers and won't want a thing to do with us. So for now, I'll enjoy the fact that he prefers to be snuggled in with me to his crib. Even if it means one trip downstairs to get him in the middle of the night. I'm good with that. Oh crap, how could I forget a big milestone! He cam climb stairs!!! I might have a picture to prove it???? Haaaaa-"might have a picture to prove it!?" That's like asking a whale if it plans on eating a school of fish today! Ok, so of course I do and yes, I have several! Thank you iphone.

Here we are....being proud of ourselves that we made the first step.

Here we are enlisting the help of some crazy little basketball jersey clad monster-catcher. 

Here we are making the assent. 

and here we can almost taste the sweet victory of our first set of stairs!!!! 

 Overall, 8 months is a super sweet month. I love you little buddy. You're one of the four best things that ever happened to me. Okay, Maverick, five. Love you, boo!


Jenelle said...

Did I see a little tooth popping through in the gummy grin? I thought that one was coming...

Shannon Joy said...

Jenelle!!!! You're the lucky winner!!! Seriously, haven't you just been hoping for a new highlighter! Ha! No, I'll pick a better item off my desk-I swear!