Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pardon that Turkey {Thanksgiving 2011)

There was only one turkey who got pardoned this year at the Thanksgiving feast.
Cuz he was just too cute to eat. Except he's almost so cute that you wanna eat him. Strange. 

This pretty lady made Thanksgiving a yummy, stomach-filled possibility this year. Hi Valerie. :) 
Valerie takes care of things like that for me. I'm lucky. 

I did make these little  Pinterest inspired cuties though. Pilgrim hats. Yum. 
Ignore the messy frosting job on the pilgrim hat buckels. Excuse me if I was eating the extra reeces cups while I was trying to frost. It's harder to get a straight line when you are trying to secretly eat stuff.

Here's my sweet nephew. Love him. 

Uncle Aaron and his shenanigans. 

Snuggin with Grandma. 

Pretty Lydie.

My husband. Trying to peg me with a frisbee. Typical.

Me and my little turkey. 

And then there was the "fee wheeler", according to Chase.

This is just awesome in a photograph.

Hi Chase. 

Someone is getting soooo big!!! 

Pretty much the cutest turkey I birthed this year. 

I have one parting thought. Or request. Can someone remind me to turn my camera the other way from time to time? Thanks. Sometimes I need help like that. 

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Anonymous said...

WOW, I guess I haven't been on here in awhile! These pictures made my night and made my heart smile!!! Love them. Oh and A and I want the pic of L and T on the 4 wheeler, I think I will steal it.