Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I got my Christmas cards ordered! BAM! Can't wait to get those babies! I adore TinyPrints and they don't even pay me to say this. Actually, if I were a smart blogger, I would probably figure out a way to get them to pay me for saying that on my blog. I'm not smart. I just like them. Alot. Dear Tinyprints, I will be sitting by my mailbox starting now until they day those pretty little babies arrive. Just in case someone is lookin for me!

Let's see here. What else is new? Beckett is crawling like a komodo dragon. I mean, I'm not totally sure if that's the right comparison but I'm really thinking it's close. It's really funny either way. 

Leighton can say his alphabet backwards. His dad taught him. They do cute things like that. In fact, today, Derrick told Leighton we should rename him, Leighton, Sir Toots Alot. Isn't that funny!!!! Now Leighton stops, farts and then snickers to himself saying....hee, hee, Leighton Sir Toots Alot-that's me! 

last week, before the thanksgiving festivities began, we took the boys out for pizza and games. 

while we waited. 

Pizza stuffed in mouth photos. Awesome work me. 
Goof ball.
me n my B.

rewind. check this. beckett at just a few days old. 

now look at my big boy! that's just redonkulous how big he is getting! 

i think i need a haircut. and i think i need to get to bed. good.night. 

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