Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beckett {6 months}

Mr. Cute-pants himself turned 6 months on me, almost a month ago. Mommy is a tad behind. Shhh,don't tell anyone.  So here he is.

At 6 months. Clearly. As if the sign didn't point that out. 

Mr. Cute-Mc-Cute-pants himself. 

Bein all sweet and innocent. 

And inquisitive. 

And back to just cute. 

With a side of funny. 

And here he is completing a very large milestone. CRAWLING!! Check it out. Ignore the crazy mother who is recording. I swear that wasn't me. I'm not crazy. Just about my kids. And their dad. Awww. 
Ok, back to the action here. 

So, the 6 month update goes something like this:

he's still cute.
cuter actually.
he crawls now.
in his own weird way.
he eats babyfood now. rice,sweet potatoes and carrots so far. which i made all by my little ole self.
{which, the above mentioned feat of me making babyfoodo actually deserves a standing ovation. if you knew how inept I was in the kitchen. but this post isn't about me so stay seated please. thanks.}
he is super duper and i mean SUPER DUPER easy to make laugh.
he has about 400 quintrillion ticklish spots. hence the above benchmark.
he rolls around like a wild-man.
he is very easily entertained by his two wild monkeys, errr, ahh, i mean brothers.
he loves hangin in his exersaucer.
he likes to watch tv with the boys.
his hair is sure filling out these days.
he is starting to give us kisses. the open mouthed, i want to suck on your face kind.
he gets superly duperly really excited sometimes and squeals and flails and it's really funny.
he acts like a fish out of water when you put him in the tub. he just flaps and kicks like it's
nobody's business.
he does NOT understand that his crib is a good place to be. and that it's totally acceptable to sleep in ones crib every now and then. for the whole night. totally acceptable.
overall though.......
he's pretty much just all good.

i don't really have his medical stats. i haven't taken him in for 6 month yet. bad mommy. bad mommy. 
oh well, i figure like he's growing, he's crawling, he sure likes to eat, and he's cute so he's probably pretty good. 

i'll get him in soon. in the meantime, i'm gonna go to bed and enjoy the next few moments where there is actually a spot for me. 

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