Sunday, November 13, 2011

a beautiful mess

Sunday morning breakfast. 

i made my first ever batch of babyfood on friday. my friend Heidi Smith recommended this book to me. it looks like a book i could handle. it spells every single step out. and i mean every step! like you can't just say, puree the carrots to me. you have to tell me exactly how i do that and with which types of tools. 

i haven't bought the book yet but I did find some instructions online. it was super duper easy. like easy enough that even I could do it. here's what i did.
1. cut up regular long carrots into sticks. they were cheaper than the baby ones. 
2. put them in tin foil and on a baking pan. baked for 30 minutes on 375. it said baking is the best way to preserve the flavor. 
3. spread them out in a flat tupperware dish to let them cool. the instructions said they should be cool before blending.
then i wasn't sure how i was gonna blend them. we do have a smoothie jr. blender but it was too high for me to reach and i don't like washing complicated gadgets afterwards. that was out. next i texted my husband and asked him if he thought we had a wand hand mixer. i'm not sure why i texted him. i could have just opened the cupboard and looked. he said we probably did. somewhere. so i opened a cupboard and the thing almost fell out on me. perfect.
4. blended them with water with the easy to wash wand mixer. i added a lot of water, little by little until i thought it looked like the stage one runniness of gerber baby food that i bought with the two other boys. 
5. then i put it in ice cube trays and froze them. 
6. popped them out into snack size baggies and then put all the snack sized baggies in a larger ziplock. 
7. fed them to Beckett and he gobbled them up. 

so there you go. it was easy and now i don't have to go to the store and buy 20 jars for 20 some dollars. my bag of carrots was 1.65 at walmart. i had the water at home and all the other gadgets. that was way cheaper. i like that. next, i'm goin for sweet potatoes. 

later that day, i made a homemade chicken pot pie. it was delic. i found it at Pioneer Woman. i love her.

Maverick went in for a haircut. here he is before.
haven't taken an after yet. let's suffice it to say that....well, i should NOT have told her to take some length off of his tail. apparently, "take some length off the tail" means shave that baby down to the skin.

hi Leighton. i love you!

this morning, while the boys were playing downstairs Chase ran up to Leighton and said, 
"Leighton, Leighton (really excited voice), guess what!!!! Jesus lives in my heart!
he's gonna tect me!" (tect = protect). 

Out of the mouths of babes. I'm so glad they get it. 

Speaking of those babes. They are eating me out of house and home this week. 

And Chase can be likened to a tornado. Good thing he's a cute tornado because I can't tell you how many markers and blocks and kitchen cabinet items I trip over and step on, on an hourly basis. 

Someday. They will be big. Someday I will miss the mess. I'm gonna enjoy it.
because it's a beautiful mess.

have a good monday everyone!

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Leslie said...

I love that Chase said that! How wonderful that he knows. And I love that you enjoy your chaos - it is beautiful isn't it? How blessed:)