Thursday, November 10, 2011

one gloomy, fall day

one gloomy,fall day. he got an idea.

it's called.......a tree. and a boy. and his brother. i have my hands full or what? i can only imagine how this will evolve over the next few years. yikes- this could get interesting. 
after photographing the said little boy dangerous stunts and then diverting a catastrophe, i grabbed a pretty little fall, end of the day snapshot.

Later, I came around the corner to these two little Mickey Mouse-lovin goof-balls.


 So I grabbed myself a front-row seat for some big brother, little brother fun. 

some days.....i can barely get over Chase. he steals my heart in a different way.

 fillin my days with so many smiles. 

yes, Maverick, you too. 


and don't forget big sloppy licks kisses.


So there you have it. one gloomy, fall day. with a side of lovely.

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