Friday, October 14, 2011

Summer Trips

The summer of 2011 held a lot of fun memories for us. I think it's been my favorite summer to date. Our three little boys just make our life oh. so. full. While that does include lots of little boy mischief and it's fair share of dirty diapers, I just can't imagine how bored we would be without them. And I just can't imagine what camping would have been like if we weren't parents to these three little hooligans. Let's have a look at the annual camping trip. 

You may have seen the last annual Mijangos/Heick camping trip HERE. It was quite a delight. 

This year was no shortage of kid-friendly camping fun and an extra dose of sugar laden snacks. Followed by S'mores of course. 

Here is the long-version of the weekend. Told in pictures. Mostly.

I thought this sign was pretty appropriate. 
Yes, I sure do. 

We arrived and set up our camps. Only to be welcomed by an awesome storm. 
My brother called to inform me that we were, in fact, in the path of a tornado. 

So, clearly, the next logical thing to do is....
and find the closest hotel with pool and enjoy the rest of our evening. 

Cassie and Gerardo decided to check into that hotel when the men returned to our campsite to "check things out" and found their tent. 
"no thanks. i'll take a dry hotel bed." thought Cassie. 

The Heick family, on the otherhand, returned to their camper {thanks mom and dad H.!) and slept peacefully after many hours of hotel swimming and tummies full of fast food. 

The next morning, Chase and I had our bubble date. Blogged about HERE

Then we took the kids to the land of the story book. 

Hi Sergio. 

Most of us liked the "tea cup" ride. Except Chase.

They are cute.

Ahh, my bestie in the whole wide world. 

Beckett slept a lot. 

The moms went racing. 

Which made some not too happy.

Then Leighton had to tell us something.

It's time for S'mores!!!!
Sergio demonstrates proper S'more eating techniques.

The boys hang out.
Chase steals marshmallows.

Everybody was pretty dang happy. 
Except that one time. 
Nothing that a kiss won't fix!

Chalk it up to another successful annual camping trip! I can only imagine how fast I will need to move when Beckett has his running shoes on too! I better go workout now to prepare.