Thursday, July 8, 2010

Totally.Happy.......fargo blogger

Oh wow friends. It has been days and days and days since I've made my last post. I really hate that. I really like to keep things right up to speed here. But alas, raising my two boys and starting a new business at the same time is a bit more daunting than one could imagine. Decision after decision we roll forward. It's all good though. Just harder than I imagined. But hard is good. Hard stuff creates stronger stuff. Right?

Ok, onto the fun that I promised you last week. Remember this post?

Here's how it went.

We TRIED to leave the city. And we ended up hooked to one of these with a sad dog in our car.

Four brand-spankin-new tires later... we made it! To see this just up the hill from our cabins.

Although we loved our cabins, we spent the entire weekend wondering why they changed the cabins name from Esker...

to this.....

Ok, so once we moved on from conversation about our cabins names....we got onto to bigger and better things.

Like Father's Day presents.

a lovely Leatherman Blast for my very own back-woods, backpackin man.

We did some fun canoeing.

And spotted a couple of dandy gruffalo.

Yes, I said GRUFFALO. See how excited we are!

And can you guess what this is gonna be?

I didn't think so.

It's this guy.

Catapillars were great entertainment for the wee ones.

This was pretty to me.

This was cute.



And this is us.

Totally. happy. to. have. each. other.


Lindsay said...

a)What on EARTH is that thing?? A turtle? A hairy turtle??

b) A Gruffalo - we saw them this weekend, too. We lurve gruffalos.

c) You guys are adorable. Super. Adorable.

oh yeah...

d) Yay for new tires. Not.

Shannon Joy said...

i know, those turtles were pretty sweet! i'm so glad you love gruffalos too...with knobbly knees and turned down toes....who can resist them?
adorable? ok, maybe the boys. i just consider myself all nerd. haaaa. new tires-sooooo NOT!!!!!
i need to etsy you. if i can find a shirt tonight, you think you pull a three off?