Sunday, October 30, 2011

Project 52 { My Three }

My Three | Week 27
Here are my three this week. My fire-breathing dragon boy. My never wearing pants dude. 
And my sweet little one sock on, one sock off baby. This picture just cracks me up. It's 
so them. It's so my day to day routine. I just can't believe we are this many weeks in to my life with three
little boys. And I can't believe that Beckett is sort of holding himself up on the step. Ok, well, I think actually he was holding himself up before I took this photo, but by the time I got my camera over the ledge, one hand has slipped down and his cheek is smashed up against Leighton's armpit. But....that's pretty day to day stinkin accurate. And I love that. 

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