Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beckett {4 months} & {5 months}

{Four months} 
Wow, the time between 3 and four months flew by so fast I didn't even get the blog post up before 5 months hit! So here we are doing a double whammy. Life is so busy with three little ones that I'm having a hard time remembering what even went on during the fourth month. I'm pretty sure sleeping through the night stopped abruptly. And teething was right there to pick up the free sleep time that I was enjoying. But even with a lack of's hard to resist those toothless gums. 

And those toe-jam filled toes.
Wow...Mr. Serious-face. Plus some extra toes.
Wow. You are turning out to be a little charmer. Just like your predecessors. 

{5 months}
Here we are at 5 months. I totally see some cheekage filling outage here. 

Grab those toes. And Look at me balance! 
Holy cute buckets, Batman. 
My little big boy. Growing out of his mom's frame. Of her camera lens.
And just a few iphone shots. All gussied up for a wedding. 
Chew chew smile. Chew chew laugh. Chew chew scream.

So yeah, speaking of screaming. There's a lot of screaming coming out of this little 16 pound wonder these days. It's not so much a cry scream as it is a listen to this guys....."i can scream and squeal louder than any of you can talk" (or louder than any of you can hear yourselves think) for that matter. Really it's cute. Until it starts hurting our ears. Then I just go and kiss him to make him stop. Let's see. Those teeth haven't poked through yet but I swear I saw a teensy tiny bit of white yesterday. The drool and fussing is confirming that fact that we are teething. Just not full force yet. As you could see in the pictures above, Beckett is starting to balance sitting up. It's so funny to watch him topple sideways over onto his side. And he is starting to scoot himself around just a tad. Like last weekend, when he propped up next to his cousin, Helen, he scooted himself from the top of her head down to her feet. Of course, he was ticked so
I think that helped him push a little farther. He also turns a bit and rolls over a lot. Not both ways yet.
He is totally interested in toys and loves hanging out in his exersaucer. Thank you JESUS!!! Oh yeah, and when he is not screaming he is starting to really babble. When he gets upset he says, "maaa, maaaa" and otherwise if we are just talking I can usually get him to mimic a sound like "ahhh, ahhh".  I'm sure i'm forgetting a boat load of other things too.
In the medical arena, he is way over due for his 4 month check up and shots. Bad mommy. Bad mommy. The appointment is scheduled. I'm pretty sure they are gonna tell me that he grew and he is healthy. And then I need to decide what kind of shots I'm gonna let him get. Boo.
Mainly though, he's growing. He's cute. He likes to laugh. He's totally addicted to mommy and I'm totally gonna keep him. For sure.


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