Saturday, October 8, 2011

the butterfly who wouldn't leave.

Here is our pretty, lovely butterfly. Let's call him Monet. Keep the T silent.
Grandma and Grandpa H. discovered him in his cocoon on the beach. Have any of you ever seen one those beauties? The cocoon thingys? I had never really examined one. But it had really really really pretty gold thread. It was pretty. Wondering why I didn't take a picture of it? Me too...since it sat in my house for about 11 days. Forgot.

So, here is Leighton hanging out next to his butterfly buddy, Monet.
Chase and Monet.
Getting ready for the big release.
Chase....why do you have a pacifier in your mouth? You never did use a pacifier. Now that you are
Two, you think it's time to start using one? Doubt it.
This is not as much a picture of my tibia as it is Beckett watching the butterfly action. 
Saying goodbye to our new friend.
Except Monet wouldn't leave. I think it was too cold out. Monet just stayed. Even with prodding, that thing wouldn't leave. But finally a few days later, the thing up and found his wings. Of course I was planning to photograph the big moment. But, no such luck. Anyway, thanks for brining us a cool butterfly Grandma and Grandpa! 

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