Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Project 52 {My Three}

My Three | Week 11
Seriously. Cute. My children are seriously cute. I struggle all day not to eat them up.
In a good way. Obviously.  

And aside from dealing with the obvious cuteness overload, I can barely figure out 
how it is so that I am posting an 11 week update. It seems like just yesterday that little double chin was making it's way onto the front seat of our Subaru. Nearly anyway.


Heidi said...

Eating the baby!!! Love it. Oh the poor Suburu. :)

Shannon Joy said...

Someday, Heidi, when we replace the Subaru with a brand new ride...we won't tell the buyers about "that" little incident! :) Good thing, we have a good stain remover! :)