Friday, August 26, 2011

How old?

One sunny morning in August, my niece Lyida asked me on a coffee date. Lyd is so fun to have coffee with. And this mama rarely gets to go out for coffee. And coming from a mom of all boys, getting some time with a little girl is pretty darn sweet. This is my Lyd. 
Me and Lyd. She's a great little gal. 
After coffee (hot chocolate for her) we made a trip to the mall. Justice and Claires were her stores of choice. I bought her these glasses. Apparently she loves buying fake glasses and has multiple pairs. I found that out from her mom when I dropped her off. Whoops. 
We stopped in the candy and toy store and thought these cards were pretty cute. And true. 
How old would you be? 
What would you do? 
Yes we do. We sure do. Thanks for the memories Lyd. 


brooke rene' said...

Awww...nieces are great! How did you manage NOT to go to Tutti Frutti next door? ;)

Lindsay said...

Cute!! You're such a nice aunty! Where did you find the glasses? I know a little girl would like a pair, too!

Shannon Joy said...

I totally missed it brooke! what was i thinking!
lindsay, we got the glasses at justice and i found out when we got home that she has like 4 pairs already! ha! her mom just laughed!