Sunday, August 28, 2011

This will be a long post. There. Now don't say I didn't warn you. 

My husband went to do this.
For a lot, a lot of days. 
Leaving me alone and adrift as a single mother for a brief stint. 

So...naturally, we decided that when the cat's away...the mice should play. 

This is not my husband by the way. He is not a cat. This is Millie. The most fierce house-cat I have ever met. Do not. I repeat. DO NOT mess with that house cat. I'm just sayin....
No really people, don't even try to sit down on the couch next to this beastly feline. She will hiss so fierce that you might soil yourself. I know. I almost did., naturally the boys and I had a family meeting and decided we were just no good at being home alone without our daddy. So we packed up for our own trip. 

Who says a 4 hour and 15 minute road trip with 3 boys ages 4, 2 and 3 months and no stops is gonna be that bad?
Really, it wasn't. this was just a small stretch. The rest was a breeze. Just don't ask Chase if it was a breeze.
Because he will probably tell you that in attempting to launch a pack of ritz back to him while still safely steering the van down the highway at 78 miles per hour, that I like nailed him with pack of ritz crackers like smack in the nose/face. Seriously, that kid just flat out lies all the time. That sooooooo didn't happen.

But alas, we survived the trip and made it to what we like to coin: MijangosLand. Yay! We survived!

We always have such a great time. Cassie and I make sure we keep the drinks flowin.
We made a trip here.

We tried for a picture of me and the boys on the iphone. To send to dad. Our own version of backpacking. But only me and Leighton were in on this bright idea. 
(Cass...I think you did get one on your camera.....wetransfer that puppy please!) 
Made brownies.
and homemade playdough.

Apparently, kneading playdough makes kids laugh. 
I suggested we make a lemonade stand. So we looked on Pinterest for ideas. Then we realized that that sounded like a whole lotta work. So we just made lemonade. 

there was a tiny tiny tiny bit of slip n slide action. as witnessed here by izzy.
and by tiny tiny tiny i mean as in the time that cassie spent looking for the air compressor, hauling it out and filling up the inflatable piece of kid heaven was much much more than the time the kids spent on the dang thing. in fact, i think sergio was the only one who even used it. and once he realized that his two boring cousins were inside, he said forget that. and moved onto a monster hunt with leighton. 
sorry cass. thanks for the effort though.

We loved that summer means eating outside which means less sweeping up of corn and chip crumbs.

Making a scarry tunnel leading to a secret cave tent.

They had tea parties.

And they were just plain cute to watch.

Here's cutie McCuteCute. Thinkin he's pretty cute.

Loved it Cassie. Loved it all! Thanks for letting us invade you for 5 days!!! We love you guys!

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Cassie said...

Oh i love this post!! Send me the pics please! I still need to get mine on the compu!! I'm so glad you guys came! It was so fun! Since the drive went so smooth for you, you'll have to do it much more often:)