Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beckett {2 months}

It's amazing how two little feet taking up such little space on the earth can take up so much space in our hearts. 

Wow. 2 months? Really!!! He's already 2 months old? It really seems like a big fat blur of time that has flown before my very eyes. But it has been oh so good this time around. And not that any of the previous boys weren't oh so good too! But, you just wonder before you have them if you will get to enjoy them as much or how hard it will be or whatever. 

But just have yourself a gander at this little guy.
He is absolutely as easy and laid back as he is cute. Meaning this little guy is really a dream come true in the baby department. The biggest shocker that Beckett has given me is that he sleeps through the night. 
Now let me tell you. I used to think "those moms" who bragged about their newborns sleeping through the night were actually on crack and just were so strung out that they didn't realize their babies weren't actually sleeping while they were sleeping. Becuase, come on, they don't sleep through the night that early. They can't. And then along came Beckett. He fell into a sleeping through the night routine probably close to 5 weeks. And I just sortof ignored it and told myself it was a fluke and he would start waking every two hours any day now. Because that's what his predacessors did. And With the boys, I just came to accept that I would never sleep through the night again until they were one. And that was fine too. But my little Beckett just likes his sleep. Sure he will have a night here and there, maybe once a week or two where he awakes and wants a snack but really I can't even recall the last time he woke up for me. 

In other developmental news, Beckett is all smiles. Anytime you show him your smile, he will match and raise you 20. His big gummy smiles are just.plain.heavenly. Add in the sweet little precious cooing and I can barely stand it. Ok, clearly he's not all smiles in this picture but I thought this one displayed his downright handsomeness. 

This was what I was referring to. Although this is more of a "i've got something up my sleeve smile"
And this is a "i know how to melt my mommy's heart smile"

His two month check-up went very well. He's in the 43rd for weight and he's in the height category....well, have you seen his parents? Let's just say he's in the "short" percentile. Other than that, he's a healthy little dude and we thank God for that. 

On the home front, Beckett has settled right into our family and I think he is even starting to like us. Well, for sure we know he LOVES Leighton. Him and Leighton have this special little bond that is very apparent. Beckett can be wailing away and as soon as Leighton goes over to him he stops crying and is very soon beaming at Leighton with a big gummy smile. Leighton is very protective of him and it is just one of the sweetest things in the world to see them interact. Well, I'm sure there are many many more things I'm not covering. But the bottom line is we are just smitten!  

We love you little Beckett Cullen.! 


Heidi said...

oh my goodness sooooo adorable!! I can't believe how fast time is flying!

Michelle H. said...

So cute Shannon...watching siblings together is I type this Seth and Josiah are playing a game and Seth can't stop laughing at how funny his big bro that! :) Then there are those 'other' moments...we don't need to talk about those. :)

Leslie said...

He is so cute! Thanks for sharing!! It is nice to hear you talk about having time and attention for him - a mom's biggest fear when having another:) It made me feel better!! Love hearing about your 3 boy household:)