Sunday, July 17, 2011

Facetime and Frog boy

Let's just face it here. Lately, I've been way way way way too busy to blog. And I really dislike that. It's a good busy but my bog is suffering. I'm hoping to find some balance and keep it up more. I have so so so so many fun photos from this summer so far. Lake visits and parties and family and friends and camping, oh my! I intend to share all of this and more here someday. Eventually, some day, one day, one glorious day where I have a magical day that allows me to complete 159 hours of photo editing and blogging, mysteriously, into one day, I also plan to design and print our photographical blog stories into a beautiful blogified album. Yes, yes, that will be a sweet victory to complete that sucker. 

Anyway, get to the point right! The point is, I wanted to share some pretty sweet pictures. These are from mid-June. This is my biggest boy, talking to his best friend, Sergio via Facetime. We love love love Facetime. We mainly just have it with my most bestest friend in the whole wide world, Cassie and her little nuggets. And it's just pretty dang neat that Facetime allows us to feel like the 4 1/2 hours between us isn't THAT far away. 

And as if we thought that my camera just couldn't deal with one more shutter snap of cute, I turned the camera on my sweet little frog boy. 

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Heidi said...

We love Facetime too! I just wish James was able to use it more while on the road. [needs wifi, doesn't work on 3G. boo!] I will have to Facetime you one of these days!