Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekly Womb #26

26 weeks! Wow, where has the time gone? Oh yeah, to the those two little munchkins who need like food and water and lovin and stuff. How could I forget!

Week 26 hasn't been too exciting around these parts. Although, I only speak for me here. The baby, on the other hand may just beg to differ. Really, I would classify this as one excited and busy baby. There are times when I feel like the baby is having an ADHD fit or something. I'm sure the baby is just responding to all the activity that goes on right outside the walls of his or her little abode. And I'm not talking about THAT people. Remeber, I am on pelvic rest. So none of THAT. What I am talking about is the two busy boys who a frequently crawling and jumping around my belly. And singing. And screaming. And laughing. And crying. I'm pretty sure the baby may have his or her ears plugged a good portion of the time, due to the sheer volume that two little boys can conjur up. Welcome to the family baby. Let's just call this your little preview of what will be in store for you. :)

Well, onto the big news and the hopeful end of the above stated pelvic rest, due to the marginal placenta previa. I had my ultrasound Monday and waited with much anticipation to find out if the placenta previa had corrected itself and we could stop "resting" if you know what I mean. Dun, dun, dun....drumroll please. The verdict was:

Marginal Placenta Previa still present. Boooooo!!!!! hasn't gotten worse so that is good. And it still could get better. I will have a repeat ultrasound in 4 weeks again to find out where it's at. If it is still there, I think we just keep checking that little bugger of a placenta until the end to determine the plan. From what I have read online though, it looks like if the placenta continues to be near or covering the cervix, I will need to have a c-section at about 37 weeks. The risk of having the placenta in the wrong place (low versus higher up) is that it could rupture and cause some pretty serious problems for both me and baby. Thus, they just take the baby at 37 weeks before that ever happens.

As for the baby, he or she is looking really good. The heartbeat on the ultrasound was 150 and everything else baby-wise looks great. That is really the most important thing. The previa thing really doesn't bother me THAT much. I totally don't mind the thought of a c-section. As long as the baby tests out as ready at 37 weeks, I'm thrilled with leaving the last three weeks of pregnancy on the floor of the operating room. Pretty much at the end, I'm ready to just get a hold of my healthy baby and never let go!

So, stay tuned for more edge of your seats, placental updates next month. In the meantime, I snapped a quick shot of my ever expanding baby bump. Messy room and all.

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